Academic Calender
DateEvent / Activity / Holiday
05/04/2023School Open
07/04/2023Good Friday (Holiday)
14/04/2023Ambedakar Jayanti (Holiday)
23/04/2023Eid-Ul-Fitr (Holiday)
13/05/2023Unit Test-I (L.K.G. to VIII)
22/05/2023Periodic Test-I (IX, X and XII)
01/06/2023Extra Classes (X & XII)
03/07/2023School Reopne After Summer Vacation
29/07/2023Muharram (Holiday)
05/08/2023Teacher's Day Celebration
15/08/2023Independence Day Celebration
21/08/2023Nag Panchami (Holiday)
29/08/2023Raksha Bandhan Celebration
30/08/2023Rakshabandhan (Holiday)
04/09/2023Janmashtami Celebration
06/09/2023Janmashtami (Holiday)
15/09/2023Half Yearly Exam Begin ( Nur. to XI)
17/09/2023Vishwakarma Puja (Holiday)
02/10/2023Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)
03/10/2023Barawafat (Holiday)
23/10/2023Dussehra (Holiday)
10/11/2023Children's Day Celebration (Nur. to V)
11/11/2023Children's Day Celebration (VI to XII)
12/11/2023Deepawali (Holiday)
11/12/2023Unit Test-II (L.K.G. to IX & XI)
23/12/2023Christmas Celebration
25/12/2023Christmas Day (Holiday)
26/12/2023Pre-Board Exam (X & XII)
01/01/2024New Year (Holiday)
26/01/2024Republic Day Celebration
14/02/2024Basant Panchami (Holiday)
15/02/2024Annual Exam Begin (Nur to IX & XI)
08/03/2024Mahashivratri (Holiday)
25/03/2024Holi (Holiday)
30/03/2024Result Day